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My auburn hair two days after coloring.  @bondgirlsage

My auburn hair two days after coloring. @bondgirlsage

I have always wondered what it would be like to dye my hair red. I have naturally dark blackish brown hair that has a very slight red tint in the sun. At age sixteen or so I began getting highlights and sometimes returned to my natural hair, but only ventured as far as blonde highlights and light brown colors. Something inside me was always curious what I would look like as a redhead, but I was too fearful to take the jump. Once you go red, there is little turning back, unless you want to go very dark, or unless you have some miracle potion or a witch doctor hair colorist.

I wasn’t ready to finally take the leap until I got completely tired of my at-the-time current look. My hair was that awkward length where it barely hits your shoulders, and it showed damage from years of bleach outs and highlights. I was craving something different.

I expressed to my boyfriend that I wanted to do it, and he gave me the final push. (By the way, he has an impeccable eye for fashion and style so I knew I could trust his opinion. For this I am extremely thankful.)

A snapshot of some of the Pins from my favorite auburn inspirations.

A snapshot of some of the Pins from my favorite auburn inspirations.

I began my research with what color of red I wanted, and masterfully crafted a Pinterest board to map out my inspirations. With my olive and seasonally tan skin tone, I wanted something that would go perfect with my look. I even photoshopped my hair color with apps and tried different shades until I found the right one.

Thankfully, I have a brilliant colorist who can make my hair do anything. (If you are in ther Houston area, her IG is @belllbelle). I showed her my Pinterest board and she immediately knew what to do. I’ve trusted her with my hair for about 7 years, so I knew she would execute accordingly. (I really don’t know what I would do without her!)

6 Months Later

The photo at the very beginning of this post is my current hair style, colored 2 days ago. I can say without fail, this is the best color I’ve ever done. I am not only more confident, but it fits my personality perfectly. Black is a bit too dark and mysterious, and blonde was always a bit too playful and less dramatic on me. Auburn red hair is the perfect combination of curious, sophisticated, and elegant if you ask me.

Sidenote: If you have darker roots, my shade of auburn or similiar looks really good even with your hair growing out. While I am encouraged to visit the salon every 6-8 weeks, I only go every 10-12 weeks and it still looks fresh. I also recommend a red hair shampoo to keep the tone vibrant.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


-Priscilla Von Sorella