a luxury fashion house. established mmxvii. welcome to the maison.



MAISON VON SORELLA is a high fashion house that specializes in women's ready-to-wear, luxury goods, and fashion accessories. The philosophy behind the label is inspired by Parisian culture and lifestyle, as well as the architecture of the French capital and other European cities. The mission of the label is to dress the empowered and elegant woman. MAISON VON SORELLA caters to women in the modern age, while preserving the elegance, intricacy, and sophistication of that found in the early beginnings of haute couture and high fashion. The label wishes to give women power, confidence, and courage through designs that depict women for who they truly are, enabling them to present themselves unapologetically to the world.


MAISON VON SORELLA presented its first collection to the public and private industry at Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with Paris based bag designer, Prayse Paris in September of 2017. The two companies held a private exhibition welcoming industry leaders, influencers, media, and international private clientele. During the salon presentation, MAISON VON SORELLA exhibited its "Jardin de Lumière" Spring/Summer 2018 women's ready-to-wear collection. The collection was inspired by Monet's Garden as well as his Painting of the Waterlilies, featuring beautiful pastels, rose golds, flower-like shapes and designs. The collection featured 12 dresses made of fine high-quality silks, cottons, and mixed blends exclusively sourced from France, Italy, and England. MAISON VON SORELLA presented it second collection at New York Fashion Week in February of 2018 at the company's own exclusive and private salon presentation held at The Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue. The blazers has exquisite detail, braided collars, and panel sleeves, which was all inspired by the Rubens Paintings by Sir Peter Paul Rubens created in the 16th century.


Because Priscilla Von Sorella's professional background and passion also include global affairs, MAISON VON SORELLA is committed to transcending cultural differences and barriers through fashion that universally appeals to people of all backgrounds. The label strives to identify with numerous backgrounds and cultures through its multifaceted approach to brand philosophy, marketing, social media campaigning. The company has also collaborated with artists, models, photographers, and other creative professionals from around the world in order to promote global focus and modernized sociological interaction and appeal.