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The House of Von Sorella today consists of a global team working in Europe and North America to sustain the label's efforts of worldwide marketing, collaboration, and fashion industry presence and engagement. The House is led by Priscilla Von Sorella, Creative Director and Founder.


The House strives to distinguish itself with its unique vision to modernize perception of a couture House, while influencing and supporting new ideologies of emerging fashion companies and rising industry leaders.


The label holds steadfast in its commitment to support ethical manufacturing conditions as well as maintain the highest quality of textiles used in the development and design process. The majority of all products are sewn to perfection by the House's own professionals. Any manufacturers used outside of the House of Von Sorella are vetted to ensure humane working conditions and fair treatment of workers is provided at all times. All materials used are sources from rare and exclusive partners found in France, England, and Italy.